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The Incentive Tours are predominantly used with the basic aim of increasing sales. An incentive tour is focused on fun, food and other activities rather than education and work. Likewise, depending on the culture and social factors, the incentive travel differs in its application and understanding in certain countries. The incentive tour is business related travel that is designed to provide motivation or incentives to help business people to become more successful and raising employees morale, inspire sales, encourage achievement of company goals.

Incentive Department of Telescope Int'l Travel who work with corporate clients organizes tours that reward employees and customers. Our main duties are planing transportation, hotel accommodaiton, excursions and other trip elements. We'r also responsible for developing relationships with prospective companies.Considering the budget of the groups we can offer unlimited activities for incentives, just like private gala nights, night shows, meetings, awarding meetings, events, team building activities and special tours as private helicopter tours and private jet tours.

On request, we do and arrange company visits, meetings, factory inspections with english speaking translaters.

Telescope Int'l Travel makes clients feel calm, safe and satisfied when they feel wanted and important to be rewarded a trip for their effort which creates certain pride and the feeling of victory. Their social status is improved, not only because they are recognized as a successful person but because they are one of a few to be able to experience a special reward. Our company gives physical motivation, cultural motivation, meeting and connecting with other people, status and prestige motivation.

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